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Computer Systems Organization And Architecture Carpinelli

Computer Systems Organization and Architecture by John D. Carpinelli

Computer Systems Organization and Architecture is a textbook written by John D. Carpinelli, a professor of computer engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The book was first published by Addison Wesley Longman Publishing Company in October 2000, and has been adopted for use at many colleges and universities in the United States and at least 25 other countries. The book has been translated into Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, and has several English-language editions for different regions.

computer systems organization and architecture carpinelli

The book provides up-to-date coverage of fundamental concepts for the design of computers and their subsystems. It emphasizes a finite state machine approach to CPU design, which provides a strong background for reader understanding. It also examines the design of computer systems, including such topics as memory hierarchies, input/output processing, interrupts, and direct memory access, as well as advanced architectural aspects of parallel processing. The book uses two running examples of increasing complexity to illustrate the concepts: the Very Simple CPU, which contains four instruction sets and shows very simple CPU design; and the Relatively Simple CPU, which contains 16 instruction sets and adds enough complexity to illustrate more advanced concepts. Each chapter also features a real-world machine on which the discussed organization and architecture concepts are implemented.

The book is designed to teach computer organization/architecture to engineers and computer scientists. It has a companion web site that contains copies of the applets, figures and tables from the book, and other resources for students and instructors. The book is also available in PDF format as a zip file, which can be downloaded from various sources on the internet. However, downloading the PDF file may violate the copyright laws of the author or the publisher, and may not be legal or ethical. Therefore, it is recommended that readers purchase or borrow a legitimate copy of the book from a library or a bookstore.

Computer Systems Organization and Architecture is a comprehensive and accessible book that covers the essential topics of computer design and architecture. It is suitable for undergraduate courses in computer engineering and computer science, as well as for self-study by professionals and enthusiasts who want to learn more about how computers work.


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