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Kp Astro 35 Free 67

Kp Astro 35 Free 67 - A Review of the Popular KP Astrology Software

If you are interested in learning and practicing KP astrology, you might have heard of Kp Astro 35 Free 67, a software that claims to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for KP astrologers. But what is KP astrology, and what does Kp Astro 35 Free 67 have to offer? In this article, we will give you an overview of the basics of KP astrology, and review the features and benefits of Kp Astro 35 Free 67.

What is KP astrology?

KP astrology, or Krishnamurti Paddhati astrology, is a system of astrology that was developed by the late Indian astrologer K.S. Krishnamurti in the 20th century. It is based on the Placidus system of Western astrology, but with some modifications and additions. The main difference between KP astrology and other systems is that it uses a finer division of the zodiac into 249 sub-divisions called sub-lords, each of which is ruled by a planet. By using these sub-lords, KP astrology can give more precise and accurate predictions than other systems.

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What is Kp Astro 35 Free 67?

Kp Astro 35 Free 67 is a software that was created by an anonymous developer who claims to be a follower of KP astrology. It is available for free download on various websites, such as [Bitbucket], [SoundCloud], and [Minds]. According to the developer, Kp Astro 35 Free 67 is an advanced astrology program that can help KP astrologers to calculate and interpret horoscopes, cast charts, find sub-lords, and make predictions. It also claims to have features such as:

  • A database of over 20,000 birth data of celebrities, politicians, sportsmen, etc.

  • A graphical user interface that allows users to customize the appearance and layout of the charts.

  • A variety of chart styles, such as North Indian, South Indian, Western, etc.

  • A comprehensive set of tools for analysis, such as dasas, transits, aspects, cusps, significators, etc.

  • A report generator that can produce detailed and printable reports in various languages.

  • A compatibility module that can compare two horoscopes and give a score based on various factors.

  • A remedial module that can suggest remedies for various problems based on the principles of KP astrology.

What are the benefits of Kp Astro 35 Free 67?

According to the users who have downloaded and used Kp Astro 35 Free 67, the software has many benefits, such as:

  • It is free of charge and easy to install.

  • It is fast and accurate in calculations and predictions.

  • It is user-friendly and intuitive in navigation and operation.

  • It is comprehensive and versatile in features and functions.

  • It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.

What are the drawbacks of Kp Astro 35 Free 67?

However, not everything is perfect with Kp Astro 35 Free 67. The software also has some drawbacks, such as:

  • It is not officially endorsed or supported by any organization or authority in KP astrology.

  • It is not updated or maintained by the developer since its release in 2018.

  • It may contain bugs or errors that can affect its performance or reliability.

  • It may not be compatible with some antivirus or firewall programs that can block its installation or operation.

  • It may not be safe or secure to download from unknown or unverified sources that can contain viruses or malware.


Kp Astro 35 Free 67 is a software that claims to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for KP astrologers. It has many features and benefits that can help users to learn and practice KP astrology. However, it also has some drawbacks that can limit its usefulness or credibility. Therefore, users should be careful and cautious when downloading and using Kp Astro 35 Free 67, and always consult with a professional or experienced KP astrologer before making any important decisions based on the software.


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