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Special Offer: 3-Month FREE of Urgency Service

DreamBe-2P-C with Pink Pad. Premium Model: Touch-Screen HD Display and Camera are included



DreamBe is the first Contactless health & safety baby monitor that senses and tracks breathing, heart rate and well-being of baby in real-time without skin contact. DreamBe consists of a health & safety monitoring Pad and a Hub. The Pad, available in either square or round shape, can be placed on the surface of any mattress or under it. The Hub (with touch-screen HD display as option) consists of SOS urgency button and WIFI connection that can be placed on a table for easy access by parents. 


Truly Contactless: simply place the monitoring Pad on baby’s crib mattress and cover it with a bed sheet or put it under mattress. Parents and baby don’t even know it is there. Baby loves DreamBe as he/she does not need to wear any device or attachment on body. Your baby can sleep peacefully and comfortably without being disturbed or constrained by any wearables.


All-in-One Monitoring Pad continuously detects and monitors Breathing, Heart Rate, Motion, Crying, Sleep Patterns, Room Temperature / Humidity and more in real-time. Baby’s health data is stored and you can view it anytime on cell phone to learn more about your baby’s health and sleep trend.


Parents love DreamBe for peace of mind. With DreamBe you can remotely monitor your baby’s well-being anywhere and anytime with OnSky Health app (free) on cell phone. Whether you are busy with household chores, working in office or traveling, DreamBe offers you the ability to connect effortlessly and know how your child is doing without being in the room directly with them.


Urgency Alert: DreamBe sends notifications to your phone and call you if a child is crying, it detects excessive movement, room temperature / humidity is abnormal, or someone is pressing the red SOS button to get urgent assistance. DreamBe takes your worries away!


Designed for Comfort and Safety: Besides being contactless for total comfort, DreamBe was carefully designed without using any harmful wireless radiation inside the Pad. It does not emit wireless or electromagnetic wave such as Bluetooth that can be harmful if attached to baby. So it is safe to place the monitoring Pad next to your baby or under the crib mattress.


The DreamBe-2P set includes the following items:

1). A monitoring Pad in pink color

2). A Hub in white color with touch-screen display: it supports WIFI and SOS button

3). A power adapter converting 110/220 VAC 50Hz/60Hz to 5.2V DC (USA / Canada plug)

4). OnSky Health App that is free and available on Apple store and Google Play store


Special Offer: OnSky offer 3-month FREE of subscription service for customer to use the Urgency Detection & Alert Service (UDAS). After 3 months, user has the option to continue the UDAS plan by selection on OnSky Health App or it will be cancelled automatically. Note: DreamBe continues to work without UDAS subscription.


Learn more about the UDAS plan to protect yourself and your loved one:







DreamBe-2P-C Contactless Baby Monitoring Pad (pink), Premium Model

$399.00 Regular Price
$359.00Sale Price
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