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What is 0.75 Handicap? How to place a precise ¾ bet

The 0.75 Handicap is a type of Asian Handicap commonly found on bookmakers' betting boards. In this scenario, the stronger team gives a 0.75 goal handicap to balance the playing field between the two teams.

In the world of football betting, there are many types of bets and different odds. Among them, the 0.75 Handicap is quite popular on bookmakers' boards. What exactly is the 0.75 Handicap? How to play this 0 ¾ bet effectively? Many players still find this unclear. In this football betting tips over under , Wintips will help you understand.

What is the 0.75 Handicap?

The football betting odds 0.75 Handicap, also known as 3/4 bet, or correctly written as 0.5/1, 0.75 odds, or half one odds, is quite common nowadays. It is often applied to matches where there is not much difference in skill level between the two teams.

Looking at the odds board provided by bookmakers, you can see that identifying and understanding this betting is quite challenging. For this 3/4 Handicap odds, you should note to bet on the favorite team, as the winning probability according to expert evaluation usually falls around 92%.

If you place a 0.75 Handicap bet, after the match ends, there will be the following scenarios:

If the favorite team wins by a margin of 1 goal: The player betting on the favorite team wins half the amount, while the player betting on the underdog team loses half the amount.

If the favorite team wins by a margin of 2 goals or more: The favorite team wins. The player betting on the favorite team wins the entire bet amount, while the player betting on the underdog team loses the entire bet amount.

If the match ends in a draw or the favorite team loses to the underdog team: Since the favorite team has a handicap, the favorite team loses. The player betting on the favorite team loses the entire bet amount, while the player betting on the underdog team wins the entire bet amount.

How to read the 0.75 Handicap odds easily

If you've ever wondered what 0 - 0.5 Handicap means? What does 1 Handicap imply? Then let me explain it in the simplest way possible for you to understand.

Let's take an example of a match between Germany vs. Portugal, with a 0.75 Handicap, where Germany gives a handicap to Portugal. The corresponding odds for Germany are 0.85 and for Portugal are 0.95. If you bet 100,000 VND on this:

Scenario 1: You bet on Germany

If Germany wins over Portugal by more than 2 goals, you win 100,000 x 0.85 = 85,000 VND.

If Germany wins over Portugal by 1 goal, you win 50,000 VND.

If Germany draws or loses to Portugal, you lose your bet of 100,000 VND.

Scenario 2: You bet on Portugal

If Portugal wins against Germany or the match ends in a draw, you win 100,000 x 0.95 = 95,000 VND.

If Portugal loses to Germany by 1 goal, you lose 50,000 VND.

If Portugal loses to Germany by 2 goals or more, you lose your bet of 100,000 VND.

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Guide to Placing 0.75 Asian Handicap Bet

Asian handicap bets are favored among the sports betting community. Here are the steps for placing a 0.75 Asian handicap bet for your reference:

Step 1: Log in to the Bookmaker's Website

Firstly, you need to access the bookmaker's website. Then, log in to your personal account. If you are a new player, you need to register for a betting account.

Step 2: Select the Match for Your 0.75 Handicap Bet

Reputable bookmakers cover almost all matches worldwide. Your task is to choose the match you are interested in or have a preference for betting on. To initiate your betting, select the 0.75 handicap bet and choose the side to place your bet on.

Step 3: Place Your Bet and Confirm

Enter the amount you wish to bet and double-check your betting information. The bookmaker will display a confirmation prompt to confirm whether you want to place the bet or not. Confirm your bet by pressing the "Place Bet" button.

A note to remember is that these betting steps may vary depending on the interface and procedures of the bookmaker. Therefore, it's advisable to thoroughly read the bookmaker's guidelines before placing bets to avoid unnecessary risks and mistakes.

Effective Strategies for Playing 0.75 Asian Handicap Bets

Understanding what a 0.75 handicap bet entails is one thing, but playing it effectively is another challenge. This is the puzzle faced by all football bettors. Here are some valuable strategies shared by professional bettors:

If the favored team on the handicap of 0.75 consistently offers odds of 0.80 over a long period, it's advisable to choose the underdog team.

Players should choose the favored handicap team if they have good form, renowned strikers, or a stronger attacking line compared to the underdog team.

In cases where both teams have similar form and capabilities, it's preferable to favor the underdog team.

If the favored team is playing at home, you should confidently choose the favored team.

With a 0.75 handicap bet, the odds are usually around 0.85 or higher. Therefore, if you notice the odds fluctuating significantly a few hours before the match or suddenly increasing 30 minutes before the game, it's wise to bet on the home team.

Players can opt for the handicap bet after observing the match for about 15 minutes. It's advisable to wait until the handicap odds drop to 0.5 before considering reversing the bet to the favored team.


The above article has explained in detail what a 0.75 handicap bet is. This type of bet is quite popular and favored nowadays. Wintips has also shared football tips app strategies and ways to play this bet effectively. Hopefully, these tips will help you consistently win your bets!


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