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Truck Simulator Real: Travel Through Iconic Landscapes and Cities

As the devs explain in their blog post, "when Schneider National approached us with their desire for us to help them with their recruitment campaign, we were excited to collaborate since it presents something new and also allows us to assist the need of the trucking industry in general considering the current shortage of skilled professionals."

Maybe the most surprising thing about all this is that the community broadly seems cool with the idea of in-game ads. "Good, realistic, not annoying, helpful and smart way of advertising," as one fan on Twitter puts it. "This doesn't annoy people, gives money for ads I think and it adds better detail." A few outliers aside, the comments on the blog post above echo the sentiment.

truck simulator real

While American Truck Simulator has always been a bit of a niche game, its consistent popularity over the years has certainly raised SCS Software's profile in the eyes of the transportation industry. The ATS devs have even partnered with manufacturers like Western Star to create in-game versions of upcoming real-life truck models before they've even been revealed to the public.

The VS600M truck simulator is modeled on a standard truck cabin. It consists of a fully functional pneumatic driver seat with all typical controls, a seat belt, pedals and a fully adjustable (height and tilt) steering column with integrated flashers and trailer hand brake.

A range of truck models, engine performances, transmission configurations, differentials and payloads is provided. The simulator reproduces realistic vehicle behaviors under different loading conditions and replicates the effects of gravity during hill driving.

The full set of dashboard instruments, gauges and warning lights are simulated graphically, allowing the user to select different truck types or cabin configurations without the need to change any hardware.

Simulator industry leading realism is achieved with a breakthrough, innovative design and accurate modeling of the manual transmission with realistic force feedback on the shifter. All gear ratios and transmission types available on the market can be simulated, including 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speed transmissions, with or without ranger and splitter.

Virage Simulation has created a new simulator industry standard with its gear shifter simulation. The force on the shifter varies as a function of the torque applied to the transmission. Pulling the lever gently before clutching or releasing the gas pedal allows for a smooth transition of the lever to the neutral position, as in the real truck. Improper gear synchronization results in realistic jerking on the lever and refusal to shift into gear.

The visual system is a key component of the training simulator. A properly designed visual system increases the level of realism, provides accurate cues for speed and distance assessment and reduces Simulator Adaptation Syndrome.

The high quality, stable, real-time rendering visual system uses a high polygon count, a large number of 3D elements such as poles, fences, road signs and optimized photo-textures with anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering.

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High fidelity surround sound provides additional realism with directional sound cues correlated with road conditions, engine RPM and speed. Sounds from other moving vehicles are simulated including the Doppler Effect.

A state-of-the-art motion / vibration system is a standard feature of the VS600M truck simulator. The combination of motion and vibration cues enhances the immersive experience and improves the overall speed perception.

Vehicle engine vibrations are simulated as a function of the RPM. Vibrations from the tires on the road surface changes as a function of the vehicle speed and road surface and are transmitted through the seat, steering wheel and the simulator platform.

The advanced technology of the Virage Simulation driving simulators makes this comprehensive training approach both possible and cost efficient. Our Instructor Guide documents the training objectives and performance criteria of each scenario in order to maintain consistent and uniform teaching standards between different trainers.

The simulator scenarios cover basic driver training, evaluation and advanced training under different road, traffic and weather conditions. Lessons and objective evaluations can be performed with or without an instructor. Scenario design is based on proven pedagogical principles. Special attention is given to shifting, maneuvering in confined areas and advanced training such as energy efficient driving (ecodrive) and hazard perception.

The pneumatic brake system schematic provides a real-time, fully interactive and complete representation of the vehicle braking system. As the learners operate the brakes of the truck simulator they will feel the consequences of their actions and have a detailed view, unavailable to them in the real truck, of how the braking system functions.

Combined with the truck instrumentation and a training program to test learners on their understanding of system malfunctions, our pneumatic brake system schematic offers the ideal solution to help train learners become proficient at performing thorough pre-drive checks.

Drive a real truck in Truck Simulator USA!Become an American truck driver and show your driver skills.Choose cargo and drive it. Transport cargo to city warehouses. Upgrade your truck for better driving and earning more money. Fix and refuel an American truck at service stations, fuel station. Avoid driving cargo above speed limit, follow driving rules for the transport. Spend money wisely and enjoy day and night driving. Features of "Truck Simulator USA Car Games":- Transport missions- Different cargo- Real USA trucks- Game economy simulator- Day and night transport driving- Truck service stations- Fuel service stations- Gas stations on the road Truck Simulator USA is for real truck drivers.THE USA IN YOUR POCKET. Explore a huge open world across North America. Start your career on the East Coast and unlock more states and cities as you progress. Discover narrow country roads, large highway intersections as well as farmland and desert regions, all created with attention to detail. Good transport controls help your be a driver in the simulator. Continue cargo driving even at night. Choose missions for your big USA truck. Spend your evening on the road, driver! Be accurate American cargo truck driver. Keep your transport in good condition for executing more missions. Feel what is American road in Truck Simulator USA . Upgrade the transport, prepare it for road, the simulator is challenging for you.

If the pilot program is successful, SCS might expand advertisements for real trucking services into the more popular Euro Truck Simulator. The two titles have sold more than ten million copies combined to fantasy big rig drivers.

ETS 2 (Iberia DLC): A Coruña - Albacete - Algeciras - Almaraz - Almería - Badajoz - Bailén - Barcelona - Bilbao - Burgos - Ciudad Real - Córdoba - El Ejido - Gijón - Granada - Huelva - León - Lleida - Madrid - Málaga - Mengíbar - Murcia - Navia - O Barco - Pamplona - Port de Sagunt - Puertollano - Salamanca - Santander - Sevilla - Soria - Tarragona - Teruel - València - Valladolid - Vandellòs - Vigo - Vila-real - Zaragoza

Real Simulator: Monster Truck is a 3D simulation game where you can drive monster trucks in a variety of maps. You can enjoy the thrill of realistic driving in an open world environment. There are 10 monster trucks and 4 maps: Forest, Desert, Hill, and Moon. There is also racing mode to compete with AI, and a stunt mode to drive monster trucks on amazing roads. There are 12 levels in racing and stunt modes each, totalling to 24. You will spend the money you've earned by purchasing new cars and improving the existing ones. What are you waiting for? Get onto a monster truck and prove your driving skills!

I know what you're thinking: 'There's a whole radio station for truckers?!' But it's even stranger than that. It's actually a station devoted to virtual truckers, who tune-in via virtual cab radios while thundering down Truck Simulator roads.

In your ear, Truckers.FM sounds like the real thing. It has regular presenters with scheduled shows running right around the clock. There are adverts, just like on the real radio - there are even traffic reports! There are interviews, competitions, shout-outs - all the things you'd expect. Even jingles.

They'd started playing the Truck Simulator games a year earlier. Josh installed it as a joke - he and his friends were messing around making YouTube videos about bizarre games. But something struck a chord and he stuck with it, and soon Alex was playing as well. They competed to see who could make the biggest trucking empire, but what what really pulled them in was multiplayer modification TruckersMP.

TruckersMP enables thousands of players to truck together online, and it's popular - there were 1600 people trucking at 8am this morning (there's a TruckersMP website which tracks it all). It brings a community together. Players organise themselves into guilds of sorts - Virtual Trading Companies - and devise rosters and driver responsibilities in the name of assembling the greatest fleets.

When community events come around, great convoys assemble. "You'll have maybe one-hundred-plus, sometimes even five-hundred-plus truckers," Alex Blackman tells me over the phone, "all along one road - which you can imagine can be very slow, and there can be quite a few virtual accidents.

Fast forward to rainy Spain and it's this TruckersMP community the brothers were talking about. They wanted to give something back to it, but what? Then, it clicked: a radio station! Not like the real-world stations you could tune into while playing the game. This would be something dedicated to the community they belonged to.

"We try to maintain a really professional standard," Blackman says. "We have rules. For example, we have no swearing on any songs whatsoever because the community age-range is huge." Listeners range from tween right up to retiree, apparently. Some swear words slip through every so often but Blackman and team are tirelessly vigilant, checking presenter output every day. Their workload has gotten heavier, if anything.


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