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Understanding 1×2 Odds in Football Betting: Explanation, Calculation, and Strategy

The 1×2 odds have always been among the most sought-after pieces of information in football betting. Anyone engaging with reputable sports betting sites desires to comprehend this good football tips 

Understanding what 1×2 odds entail is relatively straightforward, yet mastering them poses a challenging endeavor. It necessitates dedicating time to peruse and grasp the betting board alongside the payout formulas before embarking on serious gameplay.

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What Are 1×2 Odds? Explanation and Classification

1×2 odds, also known as European odds, represent a form of predicting the outcome (win, loss, or draw) of a football match or its halves. Bettors can select the home team to win, the away team to win, or a draw between the two teams when placing their bets.

The concept of 1×2 odds is remarkably straightforward, making acquainting oneself with it quite simple. The information displayed on the betting board is easily comprehensible, presenting only the payout odds for each outcome.

1x2 Football Betting and First Half

This type of odds originates from Europe and is tailored for those with considerable experience. Given that determining the outcome requires decisiveness, there are no significant handicaps to augment winning chances, as seen in Asian odds.

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Regarding classification, there are two ways to play 1×2 odds: pre-match betting and live betting. While the latter is more favored, it poses greater difficulty as wagers may be rejected at any time.

  • Pre-match Prediction: Bettors rely on various factors to determine which side will emerge victorious or if the outcome will be a draw. They have the option to bet solely on the first half or the entire match, depending on their preference.

  • Live Betting: Placing bets while the game is underway. Bookmakers offer continuous betting throughout the 90 minutes, allowing bettors to purchase tickets during this period. The drawback of live betting lies in the constantly fluctuating odds, making it challenging to identify the opportune moment to place wagers.

European Handicap Odds

Determining the Outcome of 1×2 Football Odds

The 1×2 symbols are interpreted as follows:

1: Select the home team to win

x: Both teams draw

2: Choose the away team to win

Determining the win-loss outcome also hinges on the essence of 1×2 odds, as follows:

Home Team Wins: Those who backed option 1 receive payouts, while those who wagered on x and 2 lose their stakes.

Away Team Wins: Backers of option 2 receive payouts, while those who bet on 1 and x lose their stakes.

Draw: Backers of x win, while those who placed bets on 1 and 2 lose their stakes.

Accurate Calculation of European Odds

The formula for calculating winnings in this enticing betting type is as follows:

Winnings = Stake + Stake x Odd

Losses = Stake

The odd represents the payout ratio provided by online bookmakers corresponding to each match. The payout ratio can range from 1.0 to 7.0, depending on the game's difficulty.

Playing 1×2 Odds – Detailed Example Explanation

To grasp this intriguing betting type comprehensively, understanding how to read odds accurately is paramount. Four examples are provided below to elucidate the standard approach to playing 1×2 odds.

Example 1 to Understand 1×2 Odds

The odds table is extracted from the Norwich City vs. Watford match within the framework of the English Championship (second column). The match is scheduled for 10:00 PM on January 2, 2023 (first column) at Norwich's home ground.

The payout odds for correctly predicting each outcome are indicated in the red-circled cells. Each odd corresponds to an equal possibility; for instance, predicting a Norwich win results in a payout of 1:1.95 for every wager placed.

Suppose you wagered £1000 on Watford for the entire match. If Watford wins, you'd receive £1000 + £1000 x 3.70 = £4.7 million. If Norwich loses or draws, you'd lose your entire £1000 stake.

Conversely, if you wagered £1000 on Norwich for the entire match and they win, you'd receive £1000 + £1000 x 1.95 = £2.95 million.

Example 2: Calculating 1×2 Odds

The odds table is derived from a Ligue 1 match scheduled for 9:00 PM on January 2, 2023 (first column). The participating teams are Strasbourg vs. Troyes, with Strasbourg as the home team (second column).

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The payout odds for correctly predicting the match outcome are indicated in the circled cells.

To understand 1×2 odds, imagine betting £100 on the home team to win. If they win, your profit would be £100 x 1.86 = £186. If you bet on the away team to win and they indeed win, your profit would be £100 x 3.65 = £365.

If you bet on a draw, and the final score is indeed a tie, your profit would be £100 x 3.45 = £345.

Example 3: Strategies for European Odds

The odds table is extracted from a Premier League match scheduled for 12:30 AM on January 3, 2023. The two teams competing are Brentford vs. Liverpool.

Suppose you have £100 and predict Liverpool to win the first half, with the final result favoring the away team. If Liverpool wins as expected, you'd earn £100 x 2.08 = £208. If Brentford wins, you'd lose the £100 stake.

If you bet £100 on a draw and it turns out correct, you'd earn £100 x 2.31 = £231.


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